Crockers Boxing Gym

With the structure and emphasis on technique of these intense classes, for the first time, anyone could walk in and learn the skills that allow them to feel like they’re stepping into the ring for a three-round fight. Feel the satisfaction of pushing yourself further, and the pride of knowing you gave it your all. For anyone who has ever wanted to see what a boxing workout was all about, in a safe, clean, professional environment, Our Boxing Workout is the real deal, giving participants the opportunity to work with legends of the Australian boxing world like former Australian Middleweight Champion Vito Gaudiosi and Billy Corbett. It is perfect for anyone to increase their fitness level up to people wishing to prepare for professional bouts.

Vito Gaudiosi – Dapto

Former Australian Middleweight Boxing Champion

Certified NSW Amateur/Professional Boxing Champion

Certified St. Johns Ambulence First Aid