Frequently Asked Questions


What age can my child start training?

Our Warriors program is designed for children aged 4-14 years.


How much does it cost to train?

Casual Options

Per Class $20

Per week $40

Per month $120

12 month programs

12 month unlimited training $20 per week direct debited (cancellation fees apply for early termination)


Can I make it to the UFC?

One word answer… Yes. Our training methods have proven to work on the regional, national and international stage. Current UFC fighter Alex Volkanovski is a testament that no dream is to big if you are willing to apply yourself and have the drive to achieve greatness. Head Coach Joe Lopez is one of the most respected trainers in the Mixed Martial Arts community worldwide having produced over 15 National MMA titles and one World title.


Do I have to be a professional fighter to come and train?

No, The Freestyle Gym really is an ego free family environment. Anyone of any age, fitness and experience level are always welcome at the gym. Regardless of your personal goals whether it be losing weight, getting in shape or just a social and active hobby, our training team and classes have the power to put you on the path to success.


Do you have the ability to cater to a whole team of athletes?

Yes, we can tailor team training to become sport specific cardio and technique sessions, we are open to any group that wants to incorporate the discipline and values of Martial Arts and have a proven track record with Soccer, Football and Rugby team of all ages and ability levels from Junior to Rep sides.